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A letter from Barbara Scott

My story begins with myself being in 'no man's land' having suffered personal tragedy and relationship break up after twenty years, to name but two of the many problems I was trying to cope with. A close friend upon seeing my continued suffering and distress booked a Reiki session with Lesley in early 2006 as a Christmas gift and this proved to be the major turning point in my life.

A quiet gentle soul called Lesley entered my home and to say I was a wreck is mild. She spoke with an unassuming confidence saying she could help me by using Reiki - I was very nervous of what was going to happen, however she explained the procedures she would follow and I relaxed and trusted her. The significance of the change in me after only one session was phenominal I felt relaxed and totally calm and the nervous tension which had caused my organs to twist and knot left me. I also suffer severe pain from a long term illness and found that this too had become substantially less. I did not want her to leave as I thought that when she did the torment would all come back, however she sat with me and reassured me that this would not be the case but also advised me that a further session in about a month would be beneficial. I instantly booked this session. Upon her return I knew what to expect and looked forward to the sensations I felt the first time and I was not disappointed.

After the second session Lesley sat and chatted and explained that she too had found Reiki after much suffering and told both myself and my friend (who had also had Reiki) that we could learn how to treat each other and thus save money. I did not in any way think I could ever be able to do for someone what Lesley had done for me as I am not a quiet gentle person, if fact, quite the opposite, but she told me that I could do it and gave me the confidence to try which I did, as did my friend. After experiencing a beautiful attunement to First Level Reiki I grew in self confidence and started looking at the world differently and also realised that people reacted to me differently - rather than staying away, they came visiting with interest. I progressed to Level Two after completing the necessary practices to progress to that Level and when I practiced at Level 2 I was hungry to become a Master and Teacher of this wonderful healing gift. Each attunement ceremony was carried out in a really special place and treated as a celebration. I attained my goal a year ago, and feel proud of doing so.

During my Reiki journey, Lesley supported me everytime I had a 'glitch', she regularly contacted me (and still does) to see if I had any problems or worries and has continued to offer any help or support I may need. This generous soul provided me with everything I would need, including all the documentation required for me to teach my first students. After my first reiki attunement I was invited to join a Reiki share, where Lesley's students of all levels meet and use their Reiki on each other but more importantly send healing enmasse to those suffering throughout the world - these meetings are six weekly and benefit those who are beginning and offer support, practice and encouragement to all of us journeying through our Reiki.

I can only say I feel very lucky and grateful that my friend introduced Lesley into my life. I personally have never known a Teacher with so much patience, understanding and empathy for the human race I thought that those special people only existed in books - now I know differently.

I sincerely wish Lesley every success in her venture and her future as she is one special lady, she changed my life in a way I never thought possible. Lesley is living proof that Earth Angels exist.

Love and light
Barbara Scott

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