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Hopi Ear Treatment

Also known as Thermo-Auricular Therapy

The Hopi candle is not solid, but is a hollow tube made from cotton flax which is impregnated with extracts of honey and herb oils to stiffen the flax. All genuine Hopi candles are individually made in the traditional manner.

The treatment itself is very gentle and relaxing and usually takes approximately 45 minutes. The candle is placed in the ear and ignited, then it is supported by the therapist until it burns to approximately 4 inches from the client when it is removed and extinguished.

As the candle burns, it produces a gentle local heat and the warm air, which combined with the oil and herbs can soften the wax. The second ear is treated, then the client lays on their back for a soothing and relaxing facial massage, particularly around the sinus area.

Hopi candling is reputed to help a number of conditions, including sinusitis, rhinitis, earache, headaches and tinnitus, and can be helpful to clients who are due to fly.

The treatment is not suitable for clients with perforated eardrums, those who may have an allergy to the ingredients, or anybody with grommets in place.

I am qualified to offer this treatment, and also am able to teach this therapy to therapists with appropriate A&P training. Contact me for details of dates if you wish to learn to give this relaxing treatment.

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Hopi Ear Treatment